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Chairman's Message

Diamond is Natural

Diamond is the Only Choice

The Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China (DFHK) officially launched the Natural Diamond Quality Assurance (NDQA) Mark Scheme in March 2015 in order to uphold the integrity of the diamond industry, protect consumer rights and interests, and maintain the status of Hong Kong as Asia’s diamond centre, ‘Shopping Paradise’ and ‘Asia World City’.

The year of 2017 marks the 3rd year of the NDQA Mark Scheme.  With the wide support from the industry, the number of participating merchants reached 320 and 90 percent of the DFHK retail division members has joined the Scheme.  Mr. Chow Kit Shing, Chairman of DFHK, reviewed the development of the Scheme and shared his future expectations.

Work Review, Tasks Fulfilled

According to Mr. Chow, the NDQA Mark Scheme has been focusing on promotion, education and supervision over the last three years.  The aim of promotion is to raise the recognition and understanding of the Scheme among consumers.  The upcoming advertising campaigns will shift from focusing on traditional media like MTR, public transports, tourist maps, to be more on online marketing through social media platforms including WeChat, Facebook and Instagram.  For 12 months starting from October 2016, DFHK released two posts every week on Facebook, introducing diamonds and the NDQA Mark Scheme.  It was promoted that only natural diamonds are sold at NDQA participating merchants and the quality of the diamonds matches the merchants’ descriptions.  The posts also conveyed the basic intrinsic value of natural diamond and how it relates to our emotional and daily lives.

Targeted education for both consumers and the industry is vital.  Educating consumers includes cultivating consumers on the unique intrinsic value of natural diamonds alongside their commercial value, and educating consumers their rights and interests being protected and governed by the Hong Kong legislation.  According to Hong Kong Trade Description Ordinance, the expression "Diamond” is solely referred to "Natural Diamond”.  For non-natural diamonds, the word "artificial”, "man-made”, "synthetic” or any other similar wordings must be clearly specified.  Furthermore, the ordinance also regulates that all retailers must have true, clear and precise representation of the details of the diamonds on their sales invoices.  Mr. Chow said, "The NDQA Mark Scheme and the Trade Description Ordinance are complementary to one another.”  On the other hand, educating the industry includes conducting seminars for diamond market updates and holding conferences with other related associations for exchange of information and two-way communication.  The ultimate objective of all our education works is protecting the rights and interests of downstream consumers.

The NDQA Mark Scheme practices strict quality control principles.  DFHK carries out impromptu visits at the participating merchants’ shops.  Inspectors will randomly select diamond jewellery from the shops for laboratory testing.  Moreover, the Scheme sets operational procedures and internal guidelines to the participating merchants for ensuring all the diamonds sourced, manufactured and sold are natural.

Dual Protection, Double Assurance

The NDQA Mark Scheme was launched primarily to accredit the NDQA Mark Scheme participating shops for protection of consumers’ rights, making consumers have peace in mind when purchasing diamonds from these accredited shops.  "In the past two years, many wholesalers showed their interest in participating in the Scheme.” said Mr. Chow.

Mr. Chow is pleased to see the concerted effort and commitment made by different parties in the supply chain for the betterment of the industry.  Mr. Chow said, "We are now actively exploring the NDQA participation criteria for wholesalers.  Three fronts on procurement procedures, authentication procedures and assurance to retailers have to be studied.”  Specifically speaking, wholesalers have to ensure that the sources of their rough or polished diamonds are legitimate.  Moreover, all diamonds going through the pipeline from procurement, in-and-out to selling processes must undergo comprehensive and multiple testing with the latest technology to ensure they are all natural.  Lastly, wholesalers provide a written guarantee to retailers on the legitimacy and natural origin of the diamonds they supplied.  "By implementing the aforesaid, we are able to assure that all diamonds in the whole supply chain, from the source to end-consumers, are natural.  We hope that with the extension of the NDQA Mark Scheme to the wholesalers, the industry will be in robust development as the industry as a whole is being under vertical and comprehensive protection,” Mr. Chow emphasized.

Three Expectations, Three "Strengthening”

Regarding the goals of the NDQA Mark Scheme in 2018, Mr. Chow expressed three expectations on the Scheme, which includes three "strengthening”.

First and most important of all is to strengthen the position of the Scheme at consumer level.  "We have to keep promoting NDQA Mark Scheme.  It can provide dual protection to consumers, that is, only natural diamonds we supply and the quality of diamonds we guarantee.”   Secondly, by concerting the effort of wholesalers and retailers, we can strengthen retailers’ confidence on providing assurance to consumers.  There is no doubt that it will also help strengthen the position of Hong Kong as a reputable diamond hub in Asia with global diamond marketing impact.  Last but not least, we have to strengthen the importance of natural diamond in the hearts of consumers.  Natural diamond is incomparable and irreplaceable because of its sentimental intrinsic value.  Diamond is natural, diamond is the only choice.”

DFHK Vision & Mission Statement


Leading and steering the stakeholders to demonstrate professionalism among diamond traders in Hong Kong. Strategically integrating the competitive edges of various diamontaires to achieve the highest efficiency in markets.


Consumer confidence in natural diamonds and professionalism and integrity among diamontaires are the DFHK’s key values. 


To position Hong Kong as the key "World Diamond Centre” and maintain its competitive edges. In order to invigorate the natural diamond industry, the Natural Diamond Quality Assurance (NDQA) Scheme has been launched and strengthened. Through knowledge, education and promotion, the scheme creates and arouses consumers’ interests and awareness.