Look For “NDQA” Mark
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Look For “NDQA” Mark
With the protection from the HKSAR Government Legislation, the supervision of the Diamond Federation of Hong Kong and the pledge from the Participating Retailers, consumers can purchase 'Diamonds' in shops displaying the 'NDQA' Mark decal with utmost confidence.  This will certainly consolidate the customer confidence in the integrity of Hong Kong Jewellers and further enhance Hong Kong's reputation as 'The Diamond Centre in Asia' and 'the World's Shopping Paradise'.

Why purchase diamonds from NDQA Participating Retailers?
1. Commitment on Selling Natural Diamonds Only
  • Qualified “NDQA” Participating Retailers pledge to sell natural diamonds only.  No synthetic diamond products will be selling in the same premises.
  • 2. Commitment on Quality Matches Product Description
  • Participating retailers agree to abide by rules of the DFHK "Integrity Pledge" program and the laws of the HKSAR Government.

  • Execute professional and honest sales practices; true representation, including clear and accurate invoicing which lists Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut Shape for solitaire diamonds 30 points and above.