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How to Choose Diamond - 5C
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  5th C - C onfidence

DFHK, the Mark of Confidence

Hong Kong has been the diamond center of Asia and a well-chosen place to shop for diamond with Confidence. Over and above the broad selection of products and stylish design, value for money and no sales tax , Hong Kong is also famous for its superb consumer protection policies by the HK SAR government and by other credible monitoring organizations such as Quality Tourism Service Association, Consumer Council and Diamond Federation of Hong Kong (DFHK).


DFHK is a non-profit organization, aims to promote your confidence in natural diamond. Retail shops with DFHK Window Decal; have been accredited by the Federation as a "Symbol of Integrity”. Furthermore, the "Natural Diamond Quality Assurance Mark Scheme”, an enhanced version of "Integrity Pledge” was launched in 2015, to provide shoppers with a enjoyable worry-free shopping experience.