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Increase your exposure to the diamond community in Hong Kong and China by advertising through the DFHK website, and the annual DFHK Year Book
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Target audience: consumers, the diamentaires and DFHK members.

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DFHK Year Book effectively conveys your message to the targeted elite audience in the diamond industry. Do not miss out on this excellent brand and business building promotional opportunity.
DFHK Year Book has been providing readers with valuable market information and comprehensive analysis, traders and business partners from related industries are invited to provide precious opinions and knowledge from different perspectives.
Projected readership: More than 8,000
Publishing Date: Feb/Mar
Distribution:  To Members of the Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China
 Members of affiliated bourse of the WFDB
 Guests of the DFHK Anniversary Dinner;
 Trade Associations in China, and
 Through the following Jewellery trade shows:
- Hong Kong International Jewellery Show
- Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair (June & September)
- China International Gold
- Jewellery & Gem Fair-Shenzhen
- Jewelry Shanghai
- Beijing International Jewellery Fair, and
- Other overseas jewellery exhibitions.


 Page Size
 4/C Back Cover 210 mm (W) x 285 mm (H)
 4/C Gatefold DPS Cover (NEW) 415 mm (W) x 285 mm (H)
 4/C Inside Front Cover 210 mm (W) x 285 mm (H)
 4/C Inside Back Cover 210 mm (W) x 285 mm (H)
 4/C Full Page + 1 advertorial page 210 mm (W) x 285 mm (H)
 4/C Full Page + 1 page 4C Congratulatory adv 210 mm (W) x 285 mm (H)
 4/C Full Page (ROP) 210 mm (W) x 285 mm (H)
 4/C Full Page (Specific right page) 210 mm (W) x 285 mm (H)
 4/C Half Page 210 mm (W) x 142 mm (H)
 1/C Full Page (ROP) 210 mm (W) x 285 mm (H)
 1/C Half Page 210 mm (W) x 142 mm (H)