Shopping for Natural Diamond in Hong Kong
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DFHK INTEGRITY PLEDGE - Members’ Commitment 

  1. Precise wording
    To use the expression "Diamond” solely for "Natural Diamond”.
  2. Full disclosure (Including all treatments, if any, to natural diamond)
    Full disclosure (including all treatments, if any, to natural diamonds); and where the term "diamond” is part of an expression, the word "artificial” "man-made”, "synthetic” or another similar wording must be used to indicate, taken as a whole, that the article concerned is not a natural diamond.
  3. Professional Diligence
    Practice professional diligence and provides honest and factual information and services to the consumers. Clear and precise representations of your products and services to avoid misunderstanding.
  4. Internal Control & Equipment
    Enforcing stringent internal control (eg. System of Warranty) and/or equip with screening instruments to ensure the diamond traded is natural, and treatment if any will be fully disclosed.
  5. True Representation- Clear & Accurate Invoicing
    True representation, including clear and accurate invoice, which listed the Carat weight, Color, Clarity and Cut Shape of solitaires diamond 30 points and above.
  6. Fully adhere to HKSAR Laws & Regulations
    Observe and full adherence to all Hong Kong SAR government current regulations especially on diamond and jewellery trading.
  7. Cooperation with the DFHK
    If any complaint being filed by consumers, members are obligated to co-operate with the DFHK to ensure customer satisfaction. It has been the policy of the DFHK that synthetic gems must be declared by the seller and as such the Federation will take severe action against any member who is found to knowingly misrepresent or fail to disclose synthetic diamonds.