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Why Buy Diamond in Hong Kong 

Hong Kong’s shopping experience is fun and exciting with lots of varieties and selection, it is a shopping paradise for jewellery. It has:

1. Better protection and legal system – Hong Kong’s rule of law, integrity and law and order has contributed greatly to the economic development of the city. The government and the authoritative organizations (Customs and Excise DepartmentConsumer CouncilHong Kong Tourism BoardHong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) have been working with industry leaders (Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China) since the 70’s in setting policies, principles, trade ordinance and standards to better protect consumers and diamond traders.
2. Ethical business practice – As Asia’s World City, Hong Kong is committed to the protection of consumers’ right. Aiming at achieving as City of Integrity, varies protective schemes were launched, for example [No Fakes Pledge Scheme (since 1998)][Integrity Pledge Scheme (since 1970s)], and the ["Natural Diamond Quality Assurance” Mark Scheme (since 2015)], with the goal to enhance consumer confidence and to strengthen the City’s reputation as a "Shopping Paradise” for Natural Diamond and Diamond Jewellery.
3. Confidence – DFHK members and NDQA participants, who advocate consumer right, professionalism and integrity provide Jewellery consumers thru the "DFHK Integrity Pledge” and the "NDQA Mark” Scheme a sense of confidence and peace of mind in their diamond purchases. Hong Kong is the first city to launch "NDQA” Mark Scheme. NDQA participants committed to sell in their shops only Natural Diamond with quality matching description
4. Quality – Hong Kong Jewellery are renown for excellent quality and workmanship; high quality control standard and services ensure satisfaction; which enable Hong Kong to live up to the name as the top market for luxury brand.
5. Value for Money - Hong Kong is a tax free port with no sales tax, no value added tax together with lower profit margin, we are able to offer "Better Deal” to shoppers.
6. Product range – Being Asia’s Diamond trading Centre, we have diverse range of diamonds and to meet different consumer demands. As the Shopping Paradise, we offer wide range of innovative and uniquely designed jewellery collection for every taste.
7. Service – "After sales value added service” are common good business practice in Hong Kong to ensure a long term consumer relationship.
 Look for DFHK Member 

DFHK Members are reputable jewelers, who believes in protecting consumer interest, voluntarily committed to the "Integrity Pledge” program introduced by the trade authority. DFHK aims at providing the consumer a peace of mind in their shopping experience in Hong Kong.


DFHK Support Ethical Practice and Trade Development

 Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China, being a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, promote diamond trade and undertaking the missions in maintaining Hong Kong’s reputation as the "Diamond Center in Asia", the "Shopping Paradise" and the "Asia’s World City". In advocating consumer right, the federation works closely with the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the Consumer Council, and the Hong Kong Custom and Excel Department to establish standard business practice. 

At the Trade level, to ensure ethical practice and trade development, we worked hand in hand with the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department (TID)Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC)Hong Kong Education Bureau and varies Legislative Counselors