Membership Services and Benefits
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Membership Services and Benefits

All Members

  1. Permission to display DFHK’s annual decal, a symbol of consumer confidence.
  2. Permission to use DFHK Logo in its company’s material as "Member of DFHK” (subject to approval).
  3. Assistance from the Federation in handling arbitration, trade disputes and consumer complaints.
  4. 933 Square ft Members’ Lounge with Meeting Room
  5. Special rental package in booking the trading floor and meeting rooms.
  6. Virtual office service available for DFHK Members.
  7. Free use on screening device available at DFHK
  8. Members’ discount on diamond grading services by NGTC(HK) Ltd.
  9. Recommendation for membership of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE)
  10. Priority on the waiting list of major exhibitions in Hong Kong.
  11. Participation in conferences, seminars, and/or exhibitions organized by DFHK.
  12. Participating in networking event, business delegation and excursion.
  13. Discount on subscription and advertising rate for the DFHK Year Book.
  14. Receiving Newsletters and Statistics relating to the diamond industry
  15. Comprehensive library with range of economic reference materials.
  16. Representation by the Federation with the Hong Kong Government and related local & international trade associations.
  17. And other additional services and benefits for divisional members.



  1. Enjoy member's rate in participating in the "Natural Diamond Quality Assurance" (NDQA) Mark Scheme.
  2. Display and/or distribute DFHK promotional materials.
  3. Joint promotional campaign organized by the Federation.
  4. Take part in On-line marketing opportunity in DFHK’s website and Social Media
  5. Receive news and data on jewellery sales in Hong Kong and Greater China.
  6. Co-organizing consumers’ seminars and mini exhibitions to promote "CONFIDENCE in DIAMOND”.



  1. Use of DFHK’s trading floor.
  2. To access affiliated WFDB bourses (subject to limitation of individual bourse).
  3. To join sales events or auction for wholesale members only.
  4. Participating in sales events or auction for wholesale members only.
  5. To take part in delegations to visit overseas buyers/suppliers.
  6. Join seminars organized or co-organized by the DFHK.



  1. DFHK’s representation with authorities to facilitate manufacturing related process, such as simplified Kimberley Process and customs clearing procedure, possible tax relief, better group transportation rate.
  2. Join Seminars, auctions and other activities which are rough and polished diamond related.
  3. Take part in delegations to visit overseas manufacturing bases.
  4. Facilitate communication, co-operation, and to exchange information with other stakeholders on new polishing technology & equipment.