Organization, Structure & Monitoring System of the NDQA Scheme
DFHK / NDQA / Organization, Structure & Monitoring System of the NDQA Scheme
Organization, Structure & Monitoring System of the NDQA Scheme
DFHK has set up the following 3 Committees and task force to execute & monitor the "NDQA” Mark Scheme
  1. Audit Committee

    Audit Committee Members:

    • Audit Committee Members: Members of DFHK Executive Committee (Volunteer)

    Responsibilities of the Audit Committee:

    i. Application

    • Application assessment
    • Scrutinizing Test Results
    • Assessment on Complaint Result
    • Approval of application

    ii. Management of Complaint

    • Assess whether complaint is substantiated.
    • Recommendation of follow up remedial action, including (but not limit to).
      • Deliver the diamond(s) in question to independent laboratories for testing and grading.
      • Act as mediator between participating retailer and complainant.
      • Report to Advisory Committee promptly and regularly on complaints received and any developments depending on the severity of the case.

  2. Advisory Committee

    Advisory Committee Members - A minimum of 5 from the following categories:

    • Professional such as: Lawyer, Auditor;
    • Professional Technician of the diamond trade; and
    • Member of the diamond industry.

    Responsibilities of Advisory Committee:

    • To review and validate complaint
    • To thoroughly investigate validated complaint
    • Report to Disciplinary Panel on findings and recommend remedial action.

  3. Disciplinary Committee

    Disciplinary Committee Members

    • Legal Advisor
    • Executive Members of DFHK

    Responsibilities of Disciplinary Committee

    • To decide and deliver the disciplinary actions being: warning, suspension or expulsion from the NDQA Scheme if a complaint is validated and upheld.
    • Participating retailer if found guilty should abide by the verdict of the Disciplinary Committee.
    • Disciplinary Committee reserves the right and sole discretion of exercising the penalty and will report the case to Hong Kong Police where necessary.

    The Disciplinary Committee will take appropriate remedial actions as follows:

    1. Nature of the complaint
      • If relating to quality of diamond: to verify whether the Participating Retailer in question fully complied with the disclosure of diamond quality, including whether it is natural or "synthetic”/ "man-made”/ similar nature of non-diamond.
      • If relating to terms and condition: To determine whether the Participating Retailer in question delivered the DFHK Integrity Pledge, guidelines and/or all terms and conditions of NDQA Scheme together with the relevant and current Government Ordinance and Regulations.
    2. With or without intent.
    3. Severity of the complaint.
    4. Frequency of offence.
    5. Impact on the integrity of NDQA Scheme.