Qualification for NDQA Participating Retailer?
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Qualification for NDQA Participating Retailer?
  • Participating in accordance of the NDQA Scheme is voluntary, members are required to apply and have their membership renewed annually.  Members must pass the stringent assessment.

  • Applicants will have their company background, organization structure and business practices vetted by the Audit Committee.
  • Participant has carried out diamond retail business in the past twelve months in Hong Kong and with no complaint regarding diamond quality substantiated by Hong Kong Tourism Board and/or Consumer Council.

  • Commitments from the Participating Retailer:

    1. To abide by the Regulations, Terms and Conditions of the 'DFHK's Integrity Pledge'.

    2. Will not sell 'artificial', 'man-made', 'synthetic' or any other qualities of non-natural diamonds.

    3. Diamond sold must match the description of natural diamonds and any other relevant data clearly recorded.  In the event of any complaint received from a customer, the Disciplinary Committee of DFHK will investigate.  If the complaint is validated, Participating Retailer, together with assistance provided by DFHK, will strive to resolve the complaint efficiently and effectively to the satisfaction of consumers.

    4. A Participating Retailer will respect and abide by the verdict of the Audit Committee and the Disciplinary Committee of DFHK.

    5. A Participating Retailer will be governed by the Hong Kong SAR Government current legislations on trading in diamonds and jewellery, such as the Trade Description Ordinance and associated Regulations.

  • Unannounced and unscheduled inspection of the Participating Retailer will be conducted by DFHK officials on the followings:

    1. Invoice
      • All data on the invoices must fulfill all the requirements as set out in the Integrity Pledge.

    2. Product
      • Diamond jewellery will be randomly selected for submission to Qualified International Laboratories & Hong Kong Accredited Laboratories for verification of quality.
        (As rating of Diamond’s Colour and Clarity are non-quantitative, there can be discrepancies on grading from different gemologists, therefore the NDQA Scheme will allow for one down grade variation on Diamond Colour and Clarity respectively.)

      • Participating Retailers must pass the stringent annual inspection and fulfill all requirements set out by the Audit Committee of the DFHK to be allowed to continue to use the NDQA Mark.

      • The NDQA Mark decal will be validated with the membership year.  Participating Retailer should display the NDQA Mark in its retail premises.