What is “NDQA Mark” Scheme?
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What is “NDQA Mark” Scheme?
“Natural Diamond Quality Assurance” Mark ("NDQA" Mark)
The NDQA, a consumer protection program, is being was launched by the Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China Ltd. (DFHK) in 2015. It pledges to offer “Natural, Assurance & Protection” to consumers when purchasing diamonds. It takes pride in consolidating consumer rights and strives to exceed customers’ expectations.

The Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China Ltd (DFHK) is a non-profit organisation and its main objective is to protect consumer interest by standardizing business practices.  DFHK has undertaken its mission to uphold Hong Kong’s reputation as a “Shopping Paradise”, “Asia’s Diamond Centre” and “Asia World City” by enforcing the integrity of the diamond industry with uniformed business practices, promoting customer services and protecting consumer rights.

DFHK focuses on strengthening the integrity of the diamond industry and promoting consumers' confidence in diamond. The “Hong Kong SAR Government Trade Descriptions Ordinance” is used as the bases in developing the “Natural Diamond Quality Assurance” Scheme; leading to a win-win-win situation for Hong Kong, the participating retailers and ultimately the end consumers.
Benefits and Pledges of the Scheme:
Consumer : Consumer interest being protected under the NDQA scheme and its assurance enables consumers to buy diamonds with confidence.
Participating Jewelers : Fair and consistent business practices, endorse integrity and promote purchase with confidence from NDQA participants.
Hong Kong : Consumers’ preference in purchasing diamonds in Hong Kong thus upholding Hong Kong’s reputation as a “Shopping paradise”, “Asia’s Diamond Centre” and  "Asia's World City."